RapidTag Label Printing Machines

Product Image (LP-1)

RapidTag LP1 Label Screen Printing Machine

Originally designed for printing tagless garment labels, the LP1 (as well as the rest of our products) has adapted itself to printing promotional products and other odd-shaped products & components. The LP1 is our most affordable model and still one of the best sellers.

Product Image (LP-4)

RapidTag LP4 Label Screen Printing Machine

Allowing printing for four-color images, the LP4 is our most powerful model. Its perfect for sleeve prints, and any design that needs a little extra. Each print head has its own flash cure system to stop accidental wet ink over wet ink printing. Whether size labels or with our special attachments for face masks, socks, or swim caps, there are many possibilities. Our 4 color hat printing machine is also based on this 4 color screen printing machine.


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