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Product Image (AT - 60FA)

ATMA AT-60FA Pneumatic Flat Screen Printer.

Constantly explore medium size screen printer on market, it is acknowledged, application scope of medium size screen printer can be adapted by various industries, and enhance to spread out the market, such as Self-adhesive Sticker, Credit Card (VIP member card), Nameplate, UV varnish, leather, etc. Printing precision is not critically as same as optoelectronic industry, but various type of products printing. Quick change screen and facilitate screen cleaning and precise registration are valued. Application: 1. Packaging boxes 2. Silicon Keypads 3. Automotive Dashboards 4. Self-adhesive Trademark Logos 5. Credit Cards/VIP cards 6. Nameplates 7. UV Varnish 8. Leather

Product Image (TY-500FAT)

ATMA TY- 500FAT Pneumatic Mini Flat/Curve Screen Printer

Initially invented pneumatic type flat screen printer, suitable for printing various industrial products like Nameplate and Cards, all kind of flat sheet / plate / panel of material Acrylic, Plastic, Plastic, Metal, etc. Corresponding to diverse production efficiency, versatile feature like three-point screen micro-adjustment for easy registration, table with vacuum function, CPU control, etc. which is the best choice of small size screen printer

Product Image (AT-45PA)

ATMA AT-45PA Electric Mini Flat Screen Printer

Electric mini flat screen printer is suitable for printing small size substrate as Stationery, Electric Components, Cover Lens for Tablet PC and Smart Phone, Biomedical Tester, Silicon Rubber Keypad, Nameplate, Automotive Dashboard, etc. Equipped with HMI to obtain versatile function, user friendly operation, vacuum table is equipped with micro-adjustment device for quick and precise registration. Servo motor drives printing stroke, adjustable printing speed, collocated with flexible mechanism for convenient adjusting the squeegee skew angle / depth / leveling / printing pressure to fulfill diverse printing condition. Adding to get mounted the safety bar, safety pressing plate, E-stop button, error display function for comprehensive safety protection.

Product Image (AT-45PAD)

ATMA AT-45PAD Electric Index Table Flat Screen Printer

Digital Electric Index Table Screen Printer is suitable for small size flat printing such as electronic components, smart phone cover lens, cosmetic container, silicon rubber switch, etc. Equipped with HMI digital control versatile function, easy operating, vacuum table is equipped with micro-adjustment device for quick adjusting precise positioning, servo motor drives printing stroke, collocated with flexible structure to facilitate adjusting angle / depth / level / printing pressure of squeegee, satisfied with various printing condition Two-index rotary table to increase productivity, adding safety bar, safety pressing plate, E-stop, error display function, comprehensive protection.

Product Image (AT-45PAB)


Curve Printing : suitable for screen printing cylindrical, conical, oval shaped and curve with small diameter, such as cup, mug, bottle, pipe, tube, can and so on.

Product Image (AT- 70PD)

ATMA AT-70PD Digital Electric Flat Screen Printer

Digital electric flat screen printer is suitable for precise printing Blood Sugar Tester, Biomedical Tester, Membrane Switch, Tablet Display Panel, Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), etc. Motor driven screen vertical up down rapidly, collocated with encoder control precise positioning, ink is not flowed to lateral side. Adopted HMI touch screen to display Chinese / English language, digitalized control for quick selection and setting versatile printing mode, depending on substrate to select different need, fast and convenience to attain efficient printing, corresponding to various printing needSafety protection loop, machine will be stopped immediately and error message will be displayed onto touch-screen, if malfunction or erroneous setting / operating is taken place, enclosed with restoration function E-stop switch to ascend restoration origin, comprehensive protection to reduce defective rate.

Product Image (AT-80P)

ATMA AT-80P Electric Flat Screen Printer

Electric flat screen printer is suitable for printing industrial products such as Membrane Switch, Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), Nameplate, Electro-luminescent, etc.

Product Image (AT-60PPD)

ATMA AT-60PPD Digital Electric Sliding Table Screen Printer

Digital electric sliding flat table screen printer is suitable for precise printing Silicon keypad (top cover), Membrane Switch, Tablet Display Panel, Flexible Printed Circuits, etc

Product Image (AT-68C)

ATMA AT-68C High Speed Clamshell Screen Printer

Suitable for flat sheet / plate / thin film substrate such as Nameplate, Acrylic, Transfer Paper, Membrane Switch etc. industry products flat printing. User group selects demand for economical price, speed production to get used to adopt clam-shell type model and critical printing accuracy is not required.

Product Image (ATMAOE 710)

ATMAOE 710 Opto-Electric Screen Printer

Suitable for Printing Touch Screen Film, Blood Testers, Flexible Printed Circuits, Electro Luminescent Panels, and etc.

Product Image (ATMACE 710/G(6))

ATMACE 710/G(6) Four Post with Gripper take off

Digital control preset printing parameters, servo motor driven printing stroke with equalized air pressure and synchronous peel-off to prevent sticky mesh, auto gripper take-off to raise productivity.

Product Image (ATMAOE MF44)

ATMA ATMAOE MF44 Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer (Max Printing Area 400 x 400 mm)

Realized diverse product of touch panel aiming to develop light weight, slim and small size to satisfy with goal of customer massive production. Suitable for precise screen printing on Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), capacity type touch panel, ITO conductive glass, ITO conductive film, blood sugar tester, EL panel, etc.

Product Image (ATMATIC MF66/F)

ATMA ATMATIC MF66/F Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer (Thin Film)

Realize touch control diverse products evolution toward direction of light weight, thin, short and small, duly satisfies with customers goal of massive production. Suitable for precise screen printing on Flexible Printed Circuits, ITO Conductive Film, Blood Sugar Tester, EL panel, etc

Product Image (ATMAOE MF88)

ATMAOE MF88 Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer

Realized diverse product of touch panel aiming to develop light weight, slim and small size to satisfy with the goal of customer massive production. Suitable for precise screen printing capacity type touch panel, ITO conductive glass, ITO conductive film, blood sugar tester, EL panel, etc.

Product Image (ATMAOE PC68 )

ATMA ATMAOE PC68 Fully Automatic CCD Registering PCB Screen Printer (Max Printing Area 600x800 mm)

Printing legend on PCB with CCD registering, increase high precision and effective yield rate. Dedicated to automatic screen printing legend on rigid PCB Primary purpose of printing legend on PCB is to mark symbols of components to indicate mounting position. PCB is made thru 20-30 steps of processing, formation is done after legend printing and inspection to become final product Nowadays, legend marking is required exquisitely day by day, the last process of legend printing would be extremely importance If semi-automatic PIN insertion is used for printing, issue of deficient accurate registration must be considered, automatic CCD registering is not only accuracy, also enable fully automatic screen printing inline processing While manpower is shortened, labour cost is increased, it is the best tool for batch production to present yield rate.

Product Image (ATMASC 25PP)

ATMA ATMASC 25PP CCD Green Energy Silicon Wafer Centered Registering Screen Printer

Correspondence with Silicon Wafer (mono crystallized wafer & multi-crystallized wafer) Solar Cell industry, mid stream processing of solar cell electrode screen printing. Registration pins and pop-up pins are co-existed on table top, registration pins are convenient for alignment (5 and 6 Silicon Wafer), pop-up pins are convenient to off-load manually, registration section is equipped with 6 CCD cameras to detect target on wafer or edge and feedback to control system compare position, X/Y servo motor transmission system activates to move registration platform to precise position (together along with substrate on table top) to accomplish alignment.

Product Image (ATMALINE RR5060/S)

ATMA ATMALINE RR5060/S Fully Automatic Sensor Registering Roll-To-Roll Screen Printing Line

Combined with unwinder + sensor registering screen printer + composed dryer (IR + hot air) + auto winder, connected into automatic printing line. Global population of diabetic is growing gradually year by year, in this huge market and is actively promoted by government of every country, research and improvement of biochemical technology becomes main direction of every country development And the consumable of blood sugar tester is the testing strip, which is purchased and replaced frequently, it is processed by screen printing Resistance value of testing strip includes three elements, which can be discussed as screen mesh count for Silver paste, deposit layer thickness of conductive Silver paste and Carbon This automatic screen printing line is dedicated to massive production, accuracy and ink layer uniform thickness can be achieved easily to meet manufacturer requirement.

Product Image (ATMAX 1225G)

ATMA Four-Post Screen Printer with Gripper Take-off

Price: 001.00 INR/Unit

Large-format screen printing machine with the 4-post system to meet the highest demands. Available with or without takeoff in four different models up to a maximum printing size of 1210 x 2510 mm.


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