Hurtz Standard Printing Frames

Product Image (CAST FRAMES)


Aluminium and stainless steel screen printing frames for the electronics industry are offered by Hurtz. Cast frames are: - milled on both sides - all sides deburred -individual inserts possible - for high fabric tensions

Product Image (Corner Lock System)

Hurtz Corner Lock System

Innovative corner lock for maximum strength and favourable transport for large screen printing frames. The Hurtz Corner Lock System makes industrial screen printing on large surfaces competitive: Dimension: individual (max. 4x8m) -maximum stability

Product Image (Standard Printing Frames)

Hurtz Standard Printing Frames

The Hurtz team manufactures standard aluminium screen printing frames in the shortest possible time. Many sizes are kept in stock and can be delivered as quickly as possible in larger quantities. Generally, Hurtz screen printing frames are equipped with a sandblasted adhesive side. Additions for different machine mountings are also no problem for Hurtz! Dimension: individual taylor made - welded - polished - Adhesive surfaces blasted


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