Lingtie Roll To Roll Screen Printing Machines

Product Image (LTA-3040)

Lingtie LTA-3040 Roll To Roll Heat Transfer Printing Machine

LTA-3040 Roll To Roll Heat Transfer Printing Machine is mainly composed of a feeder, a printer and a hot air dryer. Its max.printing size is 300x400mm, max.web width 320mm, max.printing width 300mm, max.printing length 400mm. The hot air dryer inside loop 30m length. UV dryer can be added to the line. LTA-3040 has an automatic register system with 3 sensors to ensure high printing precision in multi color printing. Lingtie multi color continuous screen printing machine ,1-N color , can be combined freely. It can be one color printing or multi color printing at same time.

Product Image (LTA-4050A)

Lingtie LTA-4050 PET Film Roll Label Printing Machine

PET Film roll Label Printing Machine LTA - 4050 A , Combined with Feeder , a screen printer , two set of UV dyer was assembled on printer and a winder . This machine is especially suitable for printing stickers , labels etc with UV ink .

Product Image (LTA-5070)

Lingtie LTA - 5070 High Precision CCD Screen Printer With UV Curing

This set of CCD Screen printing Machine mainly combined with a feeding machine, feeding box , a screen printer , winding box, UV dryer and winding machine . There are different feeding machine for option , UV dryer is also can be assembled on printer or assembled on winding machine.

Product Image (LTA-6080)

Lingtie LTA - 6080 Two Color Adhesive Label Roll To Roll Screen Printing Machine

This machine applies PET, PVC, BOPP, PE, PP, RFID, tag, stickers, and other plastic film web.


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