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Grunig Pre Press Equipments

Product Image (G-STRETCH 215)

Grunig G-STRETCH 215 Pneumatic Stretching Machine

Maximum frame format 3000 x 3000 mm / 118 x 118 inch Instant adjustment of the machine size Automatic pre-bowing of the screen frames Pneumatic two-circuit control panel No contact between frame and mesh during stretching process Pneumatic stretching with highest precision/reproducibility A supporting board allows to stretch many frames at the same time DUPLEX clamps sliding in V2A guideways Option: Automatic stretching system up to 50 programs

Product Image (G-COAT 404)

Grunig G-COAT 404 Automatic Emulsion Coating Machine

For maximum screen format 1250 x 1500 mm / 49 x 59 inch "PLUG & COAT" construction: unpack, set up, coat Unique construction based on a central carriage guide system "Top quality " low price Coating from the printing side or from the squeegee side Safe reproducibility +/-1 micron Automatic coating process from one side Very compact construction, needs little space Patented coating trough G-COAT 401 included

Product Image (G-COAT 406)

Grunig G-COAT 406 Automatic Double Sided Emulsion Coating Machine

The machine is available in two sizes, for screens up to 700 x 1000 mm or 1000 x 1400 mm (25 x 39 or 39 x 55 inch) PLUG & COAT construction: unpack, set up, coat Top quality low price This machine provides for one-sided or double sided simultaneous screen coating. To optimize the coating surface, the frame profile height can be adjusted within a range of 25 and 100 mm via a rotary knob on the control panel. Safe reproducibility +/-1 micron The machine has been constructed as a bench-top model; it can be operated on any work surface that offers sufficient stability. To make sure that the machine can also be set up on the floor, an easy-to-mount sub-construction is available as an option. Patented coating trough G-COAT 401 included

Product Image (G-COAT 415)

Grunig G-COAT 415 Automatic Double Sided Emulsion Coating Machine

For maximum screen format 2500 x 5000 mm/ 98 x 196 inch Professional automatic coating for any kind of application Length measuring system for automatic screen detection Highest possible precision, coating tolerance +/- 1 micron Touch-Screen Terminal, user guide interface in several languages Various versions available: o Front loading o Side loading o Raised bottom console for ergonomic working with small screens o In-line capable and expandable with magazine technology Expandable with various options: o Coating trough cleaning o Coating trough refilling o Programmable coating trough pressure o Multiple screen reception unit o Capillary film o Hot air dryer Patented coating trough G-COAT 401 included

Product Image (G-DRY 551)

Grunig G-DRY 551 Horizontal Screen Dryer Cabinet

Maximum screen format 2000 x 2500 mm / 79 x 98 inch 5 free-moving drawers, running on ball-bearings Horizontal drying of wet or coated screens One drawer is capable of holding several screens The covering can be used either as a work surface or optionally as a luminous LED surface Simple to operate Continuously adjustable heating temperature by means of digital temperature regulator up to 45 degree C / 113 degree C Compact construction method Rugged tubular construction of stainless steel V2A and varnished aluminium sheet

Product Image (G-DRY 571)

Grunig G-DRY 571 Horizontal Screen Dryer Cabinet

Maximum screen format 2400 x 3000 mm / 94 x 118 inch Simple operation Vertical drying of the screens Excellent handling for loading / unloading Compact overall size Slide-in rack modules or screen carriage Transparent bi-parting swing door for visual checking Temperature sensor with digital display of the values up to 45C / 113F Options: Additional heating appliance, Inside isolation, doors on both sides, height division, screen carriage.

Product Image (G-WASH 104)

Grunig G-WASH 104 Automatic Screen Cleaning Machine

For maximum screen format 1400 x 1500 mm / 55 x 59 inch PLUG & WASH construction method, unpack, set up, fill, wash Compact, low-maintenance and user-friendly concept Top quality at an extremely competitive price, low running costs Automatic process with programmable washing time Guaranteed work safety thanks to the closed washing chamber V2A special nozzles designed for ease of maintenance, with service cover For solvents with a flash point of >55C / >131F, ATEX-compliant construction method

Product Image (G-WASH 130)

Grunig G-WASH 130 Automatic Screen Cleaning Machine

Washing, de-coating, developing For screen formats of up to 1 x 1.2m High degree of flexibility thanks to the modular construction Existing installations can be upgraded anytime by adding supplementary modules The process flow direction can be selected according to the requirements Excellent accessibility for maximum ease of cleaning Top-quality chromium steel construction Innovative nozzle system Water-saving closed circuit system with coarse filter and bag filter Expansible with inclined filtering and exhaust air system Designed for cleaning agents of the latest generation (flash point >55C, ATEX conform construction type) Uncomplicated tank cleaning thanks to the stand-alone and easily accessible construction type Clean water rinsing module for preliminary moistening, intermediate and final rinsing of the screens In-line hand wash basin offers the possibility of final checking and retouching work The air blower module prevents lime residues in the fabric meshes and allows unloading the screens without any carryover of water High screen output Special Grunig nozzles made of V2A with service cover, designed for maximum ease of cleaning Open programming of all the parameters by means of a touch screen terminal


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